The Reasons For the Success of Promotional Bags


Promotional items have been around for more than two hundred years. One of the first and most effective products is the promotional bag. They debuted on the market with the launch of the first imprinted bag which was a burlap sack that had a commercial message: "Buy Cantwell Shoes". Since those early days of advertising, the promotional bag production has gained popularity and options for these bags have become vast. Companies all over the world use promotional bags and there are three main reasons for this huge success.

custom logo Exposure - the promotional bag belongs to a group of items that are permanently "at work" to spread the word about a company or a product. Imprinted bags will "wear" the company custom logo or motto wherever their recipients travel or simply go shopping. This ensures that your company gets a maximum exposure at all times. Large print areas, usually on two sides give maximum opportunity for marketing. You can imprint just your custom logo, for business logo design awareness, or add contact details and even a trendy design to create a talking point or reminder of how to contact your company in the future.

Variety - another advantage of the promotional bag is that it comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit any purpose. Promotional backpacks along with custom imprinted computer bags make great recognition gifts and can be given to employees as an appreciation gift. For those companies willing to go even further on their budget, high-end promotional bags with custom imprinted garment carriers and promotional travel bags are a solid alternative. Paper bags are among the most popular. These include simple brown bags as well as laminated kraft bags used in fashionable boutiques and high-end retail shops. There are also cotton, canvas and jute bags - ideal as giveaways and often used grocery shopping. One of the most practical and popular bags is the classic promotional tote bag. It is available in many colours, sizes and styles. Recently, custom imprinted eco-friendly tote bags have been launched and they are irreplaceable in shopping centers and supermarkets worldwide. Although they come at a very low price, they are built to last, making them a top choice among efficient marketing tools.

Cost Effectiveness - it is crucial to choose wisely a promotional product that is suitable for the event and most important, efficient for company exposure. All companies have a limited budget which means that the list of promotional items is restricted in some ways. It is, however, possible to choose a bag that will suit both your needs and budget. When buying in bulk, the cost of a bag goes down considerably while the perceived value is retained. This makes promotional bags a practical marketing tool that is always


Since the time of the first promotional bag, these great corporate gifts remain very popular among businesses on the lookout for smart and cost effective methods to market their companies.


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