Top 15 Ruby web applications

Working in the agency which is proficient in Ruby on Rails web and mobile applications development, I decided to share some information about RoR applications.

While web apps continue to dominate the internet, and I’d like to tell you more about their examples. Check out the article Why Ruby on Rails is ideal for Web App development and now let me tell you about the examples of apps created with RoR.

First of all, you should know, that apps created with Ruby on Rails have several common advantages make them favorites among programmers. These common features make the web app development process a smooth sailing. Developing the web application with Ruby on Rails:

  • allows you to launch faster
  • saves your money by using Ruby on Rails framework
  • helps you with maintaining and avoiding problems with stuff migration
  • makes your app fast and safe
  • allows you to easily update your app with the latest functionality

And if using a framework for the web application development is not a question anymore, these aspects could help you in choosing the right framework for your application.

Here I present you 20 of the most famous web applications written with RoR:

  1. GitHub
    This is the most popular platform for the code developers. We bet you know it already. GitHub was launched in 2008 (soon the platform will celebrate 10 years) to host IT-projects and facilitate the collaboration of the developers. It is free for the open-source software projects and offers paid repositories for the private projects. Now GitHub boasts around 22 million users and 61 million repositories worldwide and considered as the biggest code repository in the world
  2. Airbnb
    Airbnb is one of the most popular RoR web apps among travelers. It offers vacation rentals: from apartments and rooms to treehouses and boats. Airbnb offers more than 65,000 locations in 191 countries all over the world. If you prefer comfortable apartments instead of hotels and want to save money for accommodation this web app is designed for you
  3. Basecamp
    Basecamp is the web application for project management and collaboration tool. Recently we wrote about it in our article web applications for business. RoR provides many features to manage a project including delegating tasks, monitoring progress, organizing project members, managing documents, scheduling etc.
  4. Kickstarter
    Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Its web application unites the global community to present the ideas and to fund or invest in creative projects. Kickstarter crowdfunding platform was launched in 2009 and became the starting point for such famous projects as Petcube, The Veronica Mars Movie Project, Oculus Rift and many others
  5. SlideShare
    SlideShare is Ruby on Rails based web app, designed to host slideshows and presentations. It is very popular in the areas of web-conferencing and education. This service enables to upload and share presentations in various formats including OpenOffice, PDF or PowerPoint. Launched in 2006 SlideShare became the part of Linkedin in 2012. Currently, the total amount of uploaded content exceeds 18 million pieces
  6. Couchsurfing
    Couchsurfing is the world’s largest travel community. With the help of it, you can travel the world, explore your city and host new friends. Unlike many hospitality services, Couchsurfing is an example of the gift economy; there is no monetary exchange between members and there is no expectation by hosts for future rewards. The service was launched in 2004 and currently, connects over 14 million locals and travelers
  7. ASKfm
    ASKfm is a global social networking site where users create profiles and can send each other questions. ASKfm was launched 2010 in Latvia, and this service has maintained its popularity till modern days. The creators of the service named ASKfm decided to provide an opportunity to ask some unsolved questions to the web community. When Google is powerless you turn to ASKfm and ask your question within this social network. The probability of finding an expert or just a person who will help you and resolve your puzzle is high
  8. Dribbble
    Dribbble network unites various kinds of designers including graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, logo designers, icon artists, and other creative individuals, to introduce their works. This network was founded in 2009. Everything related to design can be found on Dribbble
  9. Coub
    Have you ever tried Coub? Coub is a service for creating looped videos up to 10 seconds long. It was created in 2012 and now has more than 54 million active monthly users viewing more than 500 million coubs each month
  10. Urban Dictionary
    Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary with definitions written by everyone. It was created in 1999 as the parody of and Now it has more than 18 million unique readers. Anyone with either a Facebook or Gmail account can make a submission to the dictionary, and it has been stated that entries are reviewed by 20,000 volunteer editors
  11. Causes
    which is the world’s largest online campaigning platform
  12. Kissmetrics
    Kissmetrics is a famous platform for behavioral and engagement analytics
  13. DigitalOcean
    is a simple and robust cloud computing platform, designed for developers
  14. Crunchbase
    to accelerate data on companies and people behind them
  15. Goodreads
    is the network for the book readers where they can share, recommend, and look for new books

Now you see how many nice and powerful web applications created with Ruby on Rails. Despite I named only 15, there are hundreds of them.


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