Wisely Adding Graphics to Your Web


Quality web graphics are the first elements for most online visitors to judge whatever products or services the company offers. For this reason, adding any image or picture on website may affect the company's professional logo design image as well as its credibility. Online visitors may give a website a good or bad impression depending on the quality and creativity of the designs it has. So in order to create professional-looking websites, simple tips must be followed.

Only images that have great significance should be included. Since images can slow down the loading time of a site, it's better that add only images that are really important to the site. Keep in mind that when adding images on the web, think first if these graphics will be helpful to increase the effectiveness in promoting services or products.

Pick out graphics that are relevant to the site's theme. Relevance of web graphics are very essential in creating and designing website.

The color of web graphics should suit the site's harmony. Colors makes the site more eye-catching and visually-interesting if they are used properly and correctly. Therefore, in selecting the colors of chosen images, make sure that they are compatible with the site's theme.

Blend web graphics to the text. In adding images to the site, it's advisable that they must have blending with the color and type of the text. Make sure that it is qualified to the web graphics and it is readable so that the site will bring out its important messages to online visitors.


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