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About Us

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Translation cat, Inc. provides language translation, interpreting, subtitling and localization services to small, mid businesses and Fortune 500 companies all over the world. We work with over 1,500 professional translators and interpreters, native speakers for over 50 languages. We are a small web based agency and because of our vast network of professionals all over the world, we can negotiate the best-value deal for your project. We have translators who will be happy to translate documents for you. We always offer discounts and lower prices on large projects. We do our best to provide our clients with competitive rates, high quality and outstanding service. We only use experienced translators, native professionals with in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand. We do everything possible to deliver the translated text as quickly as possible.

We respect your deadlines.

Our Translation Process

The professional service of our small agency starts with qualified translators who have been carefully tested for the job's particular combination of target language, source language, subject area, and type of text. It goes without saying that we only work with specialized native speakers. In a second stage, our editors systematically correct the translation and compare it to the original text. For each assignment, our translators and copywriters can earn bonus points by doing an excellent job (+1), or lose points when they deliver substandard work (-1). This results in a very fair and dynamic ranking system. Our IT system keeps track of the number of corrections our editors make per page. The resulting quality matrix is also taken into account when selecting your translators. You can be certain that your jobs will always be done by the translator with the best score for the job's specific combination of target language, source language, subject area, and type of text.