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Our Language Translation Services

Translation cat provides language translations using a wide range of experienced multilingual native translators; meaning the final translation will read perfectly to a native speaker of that language. Our vast database of translators means that we can translate to and from a wide array of languages, including

Languages We Translate:
Albanian Arabic Azeri Bengali Romanian Vietnamese Scottish
Swedish Dutch Estonian Farsi Turkish Czech Croatian
Haitian-C Hindi Italian Katchi Ukrainian German Gujarati
Nigerian Ojibwe Polish Punjabi Kurdish Macedonian Mandarin
Amheric Tagalog Tamil Thai Russian Serbian Somali
Dinka English Ethiopian Bosnian Cantonese Chinese Sorani
Hebrew Hungarian Japanese French Finnish Greek Spanish
Norwegian Oromo Portuguese Korean Lithuanian Malayalam Swahili

For larger translation projects, we use a team of translators for cross referencing. In this case, the lead translator initially produces a translation glossary, which is then used by the other translators to ensure maximum consistency of the end product.

Technical Translations & Interpreting

Science and engineering translations of white papers, proposals, and manuals. Interpreting for meetings, conventions, and symposiums.

Website Translation

After years of working with businesses from around the world, Translation Central has assembled a top notch international network of translators, programmers, journalists, researchers, and advertising agencies; with extensive knowledge of online behavior (such as popular search engines and keywords in different parts of the world, etc.).

Financial Translations & Interpreting

Translation of insurance documents, financial statements, and annual reports; Web sites, marketing and advertising materials. Interpretation of business meetings and focus group discussions.

Medical Translations & Interpreting

Medical, biomedical, and pharmaceutical document translations. Interpreters for medical appointments, psychological evaluations, and vocational assessments.

Legal Translations & Interpreting

Legal document translating service and court-certified interpreters for depositions and trials. Interpretation for non-English speaking clients. Legal Web site and Web page translation.

Business translation

Business translation covers such a wide spectrum. It could be the translation into Italian of a letter or it may be the translation of a legal document or marketing material. Many international companies miss the importance of translation of internal reports and the localization and translation of mission statements. Whatever the instance, we are sure that Axis Translations will provide a top quality translation at a reasonable price.